The Outreach Service for Gypsy Roma Travellers provides advice, advocacy, information and support services primarily for Travellers of Irish Heritage and English & European Romany Gypsies. These communities are recognised in law as minority ethnic groups.

The Outreach Service for Gypsy Roma Travellers can also work with other Travellers who may not be from minority ethnic groups including New Travellers, show-people (Circus & Fairground) and people dwelling on the waterways.

Much of the casework brought to the service is the result of continuing inequalities experienced by all groups of travelling people. While some Gypsy Roma Travellers remain highly mobile and in trailers, others live in trailers on safe and legal Local Authority or privately-owned sites or may live in social or private rented bricks & mortar, for varying lengths of time.

The Local Authority Traveller Site in Lewisham was closed some years ago. The Council is currently running a public consultation exercise regarding the design and potential development of a small Site in Lewisham.

Service Provision

  • Advice and support on Housing rights, housing benefit, housing and homeless applications.
  • Support with welfare applications on all aspects of income related and disability rights.
  • Access to health, legal, immigration, employment, education and counselling services.
  • Support with Irish passports

Contact details 

If you need support or advice please get in touch 

GRT Outreach Service – Francesca Cook