Lewisham Irish Community Centre (LICC) is an organisation with an enduring passion for transforming the lives of the people it works with. Primarily we have been focused on the needs of Irish, Irish descent and people from the Irish Traveller community, LICC enables people to build resilience, retain independent and fulfilled lives and access the right kind of support when required.

We have offered this support since our formation in 1992. As we have grown and become more involved in our local community, we have development and changed our services to meet their needs.  While retaining the core services for our older and vulnerable Irish Community, we offer a broad range of services and activities to local families, young people, the older BAME Communities, local business, voluntary sector groups and residents.

We are a registered charity (1014852 – Lewisham Irish Community Centre) and a company limited by guarantee (0272450).

Our charitable aims are to

  1. advance education and provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation and other leisure time occupations with the object of improving the conditions of life of the said community.
  2. establish or secure the establishment of and to maintain and manage a centre for activities promoted by the Company and its constituent bodies in furtherance of the above object.
  3. advance the education of the public in Irish culture and heritage.
  4. relieve poverty, sickness and distress.

As a charity, we have a trustee board, referred to in our governing document as the ‘Management Committee’. Our current board is made up of 6 individuals; a mix of centre users and externals. As we continue to modernise and evolve as an organisation, we are seeking two new Management Committee members who can volunteer their time and talents to help grow the centre and fulfil our ambitious strategic plan. As a Management Committee member, you will be a Trustee of the charity as well as a Director of the company.

Our Trustee Recruitment Pack, which you can download below, sets out some information regarding the center, the roles available and how to apply to become a member of our Management Committee so you know what to expect from the process.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the role before submitting an application you can arrange to speak to Kathleen by emailing at manager@lewishamirish.org.uk.uk or calling 020 8695 6264

James Farrell

Chair, Management Committee